A Word on the Brookings Syria Event from Thursday

By Benjamin Wittes
Sunday, September 8, 2013, 10:55 AM

I normally let our podcast posts speak for themselves, but I want to say a particular word about the event Brookings held on Thursday, which Wells just posted as the latest episode of the Lawfare Podcast. It's an unusually thoughtful and excellent discussion, featuring a diverse array of perspectives and analytical expertise. And I urge readers to listen to the whole thing. The panelists included, in addition to Michael O'Hanlon---who moderated it---Michael Doran (who advocates intervention), Jeremy Shapiro (who opposes it and worked Syria issues inside the State Department), Fiona Hill (an expert on Russia policy), Suzanne Maloney (an expert on Iran), and Bruce Riedel (an intelligence specialist).

For those readers who don't listen to the podcast, a transcript is available here. And Brookings has posted the following video excerpts: