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Welcome TechTank---A New Brookings Tech Policy Blog

By Benjamin Wittes
Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 1:33 PM

Several of my Brookings colleagues have gotten together to start a new technology policy blog, appropriately entitled TechTank. Its contributors include Darrell West, Cameron Kerry, and Walter Valdivia. In his introductory post, Darrell describes the project as follows:

We plan to focus on new developments in science and technology policy and how they affect health care, education, economic development, innovation, and governance. TechTank will and enable further conversation about the research from the Center for Technology Innovation.  Our goals are to highlight new data and ideas, and provide commentary on science and technology trends in the United States and around the world.

Technology has the power to promote transformative change in society. Government policies can stifle or strengthen the benefits of those technological advances. TechTank will explore the various ways that our leaders can leverage the maximum benefit from technology to improve lives across the globe.

Some of our postings will link to policy reports and events that we have at Brookings. Others will draw on government reports, interesting data, and university studies about science and technology. We will blend the latest analysis from respected experts with commentary on longer-term trends in the technology field.

TechTank has been live yesterday and so far has run the following substantive posts:

I will be following this with great interest.