Welcome to the FOB Blog: Overseeing the Facebook Oversight Board

With the Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) releasing its first set of decisions, Lawfare is here for you. The Oversight Board is a grand experiment aimed at improving the way that companies moderate the speech that they host. No one knows if the Oversight Board will "work," and there's no universal understanding of what "success" would even mean, or if the FOB could ever plausibly achieve it. But the FOB is worth paying attention to either way.

Our Facebook Oversight Board blog (FOBblog) will be tracking the Oversight Board's activity with convenient links below to information about the Oversight Board, statistics about the Oversight Board, a collection of documents related to the cases, a compilation of Lawfare analysis and Arbiters of Truth podcasts about the Oversight Board. Click the green buttons below to explore. We will be growing, so stay tuned!


On Feb. 25, Facebook released its responses to the first round of FOB cases. The full explanations for implementation of each recommendation can be found here. Response summaries for each case are also available on the case documents page.


 About the FOB Case Documents
 Empirical FOB Lawfare Analysis 


Recent Lawfare analysis on the Facebook Oversight Board:
March 8, 2021, Vicki Jackson & Martha Minow, "Facebook Suspended Trump. The Oversight Board Shouldn't Let Him Back."