Military Commissions

This Week's Hearing in Al-Nashiri

By Wells Bennett
Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 9:03 AM

A little programming note here, y'all: today marks the first of a two-day, pre-trial hearing in the military commission case of United States v. Al-Nashiri.  But Lawfare unfortunately won't be in the house, so to speak---which is to say that your correspondent will not be able to schlep out to Fort Meade, to watch and report back on the piped-in, almost-live CCTV coverage of the action down at Guantanamo.

We thus resort to our usual “backup” procedure. The estimable Matt Danzer will read the transcript of each day’s proceedings—as soon as one becomes available—and thereafter write one or more posts digesting the day’s most significant developments.  Stay tuned...