Case Coverage: Military Commissions

This Week's Hearing in Al-Hadi

By Wells Bennett
Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 6:57 AM

Proceedings resume this morning at Guantanamo, in the military commissions case of United States v. Abd al Hadi al Iraqi. We won't be in the house, but plan afterwards to post a read-out on today's events, and any more during the rest of the week's two-day session.

As for what might be in store: We understand that today, the parties will devote significant time to discussion of the accused's options for counsel. Earlier, it came to light that one of al-Hadi's lawyers also had represented one of the 9/11 defendants, and further that prosecutors intended to evidence of a conversation between both detainees against al-Hadi. This made for a pause in proceedings—which resume today pending discussions about the way foward for al-Hadi's representation.

The Chief Prosecutor earlier released a statement on the hearing, and on military commissions cases generally; it can be found below.