Donald Trump

Trump Files Response to Justice Department Motion for Partial Stay of Cannon's Special Master Order

By Hyemin Han
Monday, September 12, 2022, 4:56 PM

Former President Donald Trump objected to the government's motion for partial stay of U.S District Judge Aileen Cannon's order enjoining the government from using the materials seized at Mar-a-Lago for criminal investigative purposes. The government had argued in its motion that the injunction was not warranted given that Trump does not have a right to recover the seized documents and because any delay in its investigation into mishandling of national security matters would cause irreparable harm to the public. But Trump's response doubled down on assertions that Trump has broad declassification authorities and that a president has an "unfettered right to access Presidential records," while also dismissing the Justice Department's assertion that there is an "inextricable" link between the government's criminal investigation and the the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's review.

Trump's brief reiterated that review by a special master is necessary prior the government's use of the seized materials and said that Cannon's injunction is "a sensible preliminary step towards restoring order from chaos" in a matter that they deemed "in its core ... a document storage dispute that has spiraled out of control."

You can read Trump's response here or below: