Donald Trump

Trump Files Response to Justice Department Appeal in Eleventh Circuit

By Hyemin Han
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 12:09 PM

Former President Donald Trump filed a response to the Justice Department's motion for partial stay in the Eleventh Circuit. Trump's filing asked the court uphold Judge Aileen Cannon's Sept. 15 order denying the government's original motion for partial stay, which would leave in place the injunction preventing the government from reviewing and using the 100 documents marked as classified in its ongoing criminal investigation of Trump. In support of his argument, Trump asserted that the Justice Department "misconstrues" Rule 41(g) standing, that it has not yet proven that the documents in question are in fact classified, and that it ignores that Trump could have "a cognizable interest in his own Presidential records." It also argued that the court lacks jurisdiction to rule on the matter because the government's motion is an improper interlocutory appeal.

You can read the response here or below: