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Theresa Maybe: A Primer on the Upcoming UK General Election

This Thursday, while Americans watch former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee testimony, citizens in the United Kingdom will be making their way to the polls to select members of Parliament for the second time in just two years. Let’s outline the whats, whys, hows, and so-whats of the upcoming election—with a particular focus on Brexit and security.


A Base On Which to Build: Le Pen May Have Lost, But Don’t Count Her Out

It’s hard to tell if Marine Le Pen’s official campaign website is a political ad or a perfume commercial. We are on a beach, Marine in a marine scene—so to speak—her blonde hair and cape aflutter in the Norman breeze as she gazes from the rocky coast out to sea. What do you see out there, Marine? A chance, now that you and the British are being conveniently disentangled from one another, for another shot at old timey Anglo-French hostilities? A fellow woman in arms in Theresa May? Or do you see dinghies in the Mediterranean?

Western Europe

Balancing Privacy and Security in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump might yet manage to meet in Washington this week despite winter storm Stella, which hobbled the capital and postponed Tuesday’s scheduled summit. Many see this as an historic encounter between contending visions for the world’s future: “The great disrupter confronts the last defender of the liberal world order.”

Western Europe

The Brexit Decision and Its Implications for U.S. Debates over Treaty Withdrawal

Affirming a lower court decision, the UK Supreme Court has held that, despite the referendum in June 2016 calling for withdrawal from the European Union, Britain cannot withdraw from the Union without parliamentary approval. In doing so, the Court emphasized the “constitutional character” of the legislation that implements the UK’s membership in the EU (para. 67).


Brexecution: Hard Brexit

The debate between “hard” Brexit and “soft” Brexit is finally over. After months of ambiguity, British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday clarified her government’s strategic objectives, just in time for the start of negotiations in March: May is taking a hard line.

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