War Powers Resolution: Mali

Latest in War Powers Resolution: Mali

Jus ad Bellum/UN Charter/Sovereignty

War Powers, Red Lines, and Credibility

Last fall, during the debate on airstrikes in Syria, commentators argued that the United States needed to act in order to preserve the credibility of American threats. If the “red line” that President Obama announced a year earlier wasn’t enforced, the argument went, dictators would be able to act with impunity.

War Powers Resolution: Syria

Congress Must Figure Out What Our Government Is Doing In The Name of the AUMF

A common assumption in the debate about the appropriate legal regime for extra-AUMF threats is that the AUMF is cabined and cannot be extended to newly threatening Islamist terrorist threats.  Yesterday’s SASC hearing exploded this assumption.  The hearing made clear that the Obama administration’s long insistence that it is deeply legally restrained under the AUMF is misleading and at a minimum requires much more extensive scrutiny.  It also made clear that the SASC’s oversight of the basic legal regime for DOD op

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