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Cold-Pizza Demagoguery: On the President’s Latest Travel Ban

Say this for President Trump: If he lacks the sense or decency to refrain from obsessively tweeting about kneeling football players when millions of Americans are facing devastation Puerto Rico, he sure is keeping us safe from the Chadian menace. If he is incompetently flailing in response to Kim Jong Un’s missile program, at least he’s keeping from American shores the hordes of North Koreans who would otherwise be invading by means profligate and unvetted immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

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Does Trump's North Korea Travel Ban Actually Ban Any North Koreans?

The White House’s newest proclamation amending the administration’s travel ban now includes North Korea. The proclamation bans entry of persons from specific countries that would be “detrimental to the interests of the United States” under the premise of protecting the United States from terrorism and national security threats.

Travel Ban

Reality Sets in for Federal Courts: The Travel Ban Was a ‘Temporary Pause’

After eight months, thousands of pages of briefing and three Supreme Court orders, the Trump administration has reiterated what had been its position all along: that a pause on the entry of immigrants from certain at-risk countries was needed to give the government an opportunity to reassess its policies. Since the first executive order in January, talented lawyers ably told the story that this rationale was always a pretext for Donald Trump’s Islamophobia.

Travel Ban

Presumptions of Regularity Do Not Insulate the President’s Travel Ban Motives from Judicial Review

“Regular” is not the first word that comes to mind when I think about the current president. The process that led to the travel ban is a perfect example of why. The original executive order was rushed out in fulfillment of then-candidate Trump’s promised “Muslim ban” (“Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration,” Dec. 7, 2015), without the regular vetting for such policies.

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