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Arrest in an Alleged Iranian Plot to Kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States

This is a pretty remarkable development.  Authorities have arrested a dual US-Iranian citizen on charges that he conspired with a senior official of Iran's Qods Force (of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States (potentially through the bombing of a restaurant in the United States), and potentially to carry out other operations as well.  What is very scary about this fact pattern is the alleged attempt to pay a Mexico-based transnational drug trafficking organization to execute the hit.  The attempt was doomed to fail, fortunate

Transnational Criminal Organizations

New Details on US-Mexico Intelligence and Logistical Coordination against Cartels

Another Mark Mazzetti story from the past week that deserves your attention: this piece, which sheds some additional light on the intelligence and logistical support that the United States is providing to Mexico's conflict with the cartels.   The story primarily focuses on "boomerang" operations in which Mexican security forces preparing to conduct a raid on a cartel target in Mexico first gather and learn of their mission in the far-more-secure and discreet confines of a US government facility with


Matt Dahl on Cybercrime and the Executive Order on Transnational Criminal Organizations

Matt Dahl is a 2009 graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law who works on legal and policy issues for a cybersecurity company in Virginia.  We are pleased to welcome his guest post, which discusses the potential application to cybercriminal groups of the recent IEEPA-based executive order on Transnational Criminal Organizations:

Executive Power

Material Support to ... Transnational Criminal Organizations?

I've written a lot over the years about the way law responds to changing practical phenomena such as the emergence of non-state actors as a strategic threat, ala al Qaeda, as have many others.  This vein of scholarship often emphasizes themes of globalization and the decline of the Westphalian model in which sovereign states are the only serious players in the international order.  One strand of that scholarship has repeatedly emphasized how similar transnational criminal organizations can be to terrorist groups, even if the nature of the threat they pose is distinguishable and (at least us

Transnational Criminal Organizations

The Narcotics/Weapons/Transnational Organized Crime Nexus

There are few topics more slippery--and more emblematic of the current age--than the intersection of transnational organized crime, narcotics, illicit arms, and violent non-state actors.  On that front, this has been a busy week.  Consider the pair of indictments announced today out of the Southern District of New York, one involving Hezbollah and the other the Taliban.  From DOJ's press release:

Transnational Criminal Organizations

Meanwhile, in Mexico...

Alfredo Corchado of the Dallas Morning-News has an article that will be of interest to anyone trying to come to grips with whether a state of armed conflict can be said to exist in some areas of Mexico.  In particular, the story is of interest with respect to the question of territorial control by a non-state actor, which for some observers is an important consideration in determining whether circumstances of violence in the non-international setting have crossed over the threshold of a

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