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US Intelligence Support to Mexico's Counter-Cartel Operations

This Washington Post article by Dana Priest is an excellent primer for those looking for an introduction to the particulars of US intelligence support to Mexico's counter-cartel activities, as well as the looming issue of whether Mexico's new president, Enrique Pena-Nieto, will pull back from this relationship.  Key nuggets in the article include:

A pithy itemization of the various forms that support h
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The Haqqani Network to Be Designated, at Last, as an FTO

The State Department has announced that it will, at long last, designate the Haqqani Network as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.  Apart from the rhetorical value of the designation, the main consequence is to attach to the Haqqani Network an array of liabilities under the headings of U.S.

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Civilian Criminal Jurisdiction Over Military Defendants: A New Day in Mexico?

One of the many difficulties that arise when a state employs its military to conduct operations within its own borders is the question of whether alleged abuses committed by the military should be tried in military tribunals or instead in the regular civilian courts. Mexico has been grappling with this issue for some time.  Generally speaking, the military criminal justice system has had exclusive jurisdiction over alleged abuses for some time, and in the eyes of critics this has been a recipe for impunity. There has been talk of reform for a few years now, however, and now comes a ruling from

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US-Mexican Intelligence Cooperation Against Cartels: An Interesting Section in the Draft Intel Authorization Act

Two short items involving drug cartel violence in Mexico and the related issue of US cooperation with Mexican authorities in counter-cartel efforts.

First, as readers presumably know, Mexico has just elected a new president: PRI's Enrique Pena Nieto.  It will be very interesting to see how his policies differ from Calderon's vis-a-vis the cartels.  Early signs indicate that he will continue to embrace U.S.

Terrorism Investigations: Domestic

Arrest in an Alleged Iranian Plot to Kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States

This is a pretty remarkable development.  Authorities have arrested a dual US-Iranian citizen on charges that he conspired with a senior official of Iran's Qods Force (of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States (potentially through the bombing of a restaurant in the United States), and potentially to carry out other operations as well.  What is very scary about this fact pattern is the alleged attempt to pay a Mexico-based transnational drug trafficking organization to execute the hit.  The attempt was doomed to fail, fortunately,

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New Details on US-Mexico Intelligence and Logistical Coordination against Cartels

Another Mark Mazzetti story from the past week that deserves your attention: this piece, which sheds some additional light on the intelligence and logistical support that the United States is providing to Mexico's conflict with the cartels.   The story primarily focuses on "boomerang" operations in which Mexican security forces preparing to conduct a raid on a cartel target in Mexico first gather and learn of their mission in the far-more-secure and discreet confines of a US government facility within


Matt Dahl on Cybercrime and the Executive Order on Transnational Criminal Organizations

Matt Dahl is a 2009 graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law who works on legal and policy issues for a cybersecurity company in Virginia.  We are pleased to welcome his guest post, which discusses the potential application to cybercriminal groups of the recent IEEPA-based executive order on Transnational Criminal Organizations:

The Executive Order issued by the president on July 25, 2011 was aimed at disrupting the operations of transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) through blocking the

Transnational Criminal Organizations

U.S. Involvement in Mexico's Cartel Wars Deepens, in a Largely Positive Way

U.S. involvement in Mexico's struggle against violent drug-trafficking organizations has deepened recently, according to Ginger Thompson's piece in the New York Times today:

When violence spiked last year around Mexico’s industrial capital, Monterrey, Mr. Calderón’s government asked the United States for more access to sophisticated surveillance technology and expertise.

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