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Ethics Rules Are National Security Rules

The President-elect has failed to divest from his business holdings, refused to release his tax returns, and insisted that a federal anti-nepotism law won’t bar his children—who themselves retain private business interests—from serving in his White House. Days before scheduled confirmation hearings, the majority of his nominees have failed to complete statutorily-mandated ethics review.

Transition 2016

Trolling as Politics: Online Harassment Under President Trump

In the month before the presidential election, soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump announced her priority issue should her husband be elected President: cyberbullying. She apparently wasn’t joking. “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough,” she said in describing the cyberbullying initiative she meant to lead.

Foreign Policy Essay

Donald Trump and the Future of Intelligence

Editor’s Note: The incoming administration's scorn for intelligence professionals is a matter of grave concern to many of us at Lawfare. I, for one, worry that the administration will conduct its foreign policy without understanding the dynamics of foreign governments, their attempts to mislead us, and emerging threats like cyber subversion. Joshua Rovner, a scholar of intelligence at Southern Methodist University, makes me even more concerned.


Cabinet Exit Memos

Yesterday 27 agency and department heads released exit memos reflecting on their progress and the work yet to be done. Below are links to seven memos of likely interest to our readers, along with the subheaders for those looking to get a quick rundown of points of emphasis and common themes.

(1) Ashton Carter, Department of Defense

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