Latest in Surveillance: Snowden NSA Controversy

Surveillance: Snowden NSA Controversy

Geof Stone on the NSA

"Geof Stone is a prominent civil liberties expert and advocate who is a member of the National Advisory Council of the American Civil Liberties Union [and a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School]. . . . After [Edward] Snowden's revelations and subsequent deep concern over government surveillance, President Obama appointed Stone a member of a special review group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

Aegis Paper Series

Beyond Privacy & Security: The Role of the Telecommunications Industry in Electronic Surveillance

This paper examines this gatekeeper function US industry plays in surveillance and recommends surveillance reforms that will reinforce that function without denying necessary government access to information.

Internet Metadata Collection

Bulk NSA Internet Program Shows the Complete Incoherence of Surveillance Law

The lawfulness of bulk collection and applicable privacy rules should not depend on the technical details of the NSA’s collection that have nothing to do with the privacy interests involved. New documents obtained by the New York Times confirm just how incoherent our surveillance laws have become.

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