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Do the Strikes on al Shabaab Stretch the AUMF or The Unit Self-defense Doctrine?

Charlie Savage’s piece on the legal basis for the March 5 U.S. strike against an al Shabaab training camp, which allegedly killed 150 fighters, raises the intriguing question of whether the AUMF has been stretched yet again, this time to justify U.S. operations against al Shabaab as a whole. 


Defending Broadened U.S. Strikes Against al Shabaab?

A few days ago, Paul McCleary at Foreign Policy reported on U.S. airstrikes against al Shabaab, undertaken in defense of AMISOM forces.  McCleary asked, “Is there a new U.S. airstrike policy in East Africa?”  My question is, “Is there a new legal theory supporting U.S. airstrikes against al Shabaab?”  The most likely of possible answers: The United States could be acting on behalf of the Somali government, assisting it in its non-international armed conflict with al Shabaab.

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