Latest in Secrecy: Press Subpoenas

Secrecy: Leaks Prosecutions

Leak Investigations in the Digital Era

Paul makes a good point that digital technology and data analytics make it easier for the government to track journalists’ movements and ascertain the persons in government with whom they communicate.  Charlie Savage makes the same point in his story yesterday on the leak investigations: “[I]t is easier today than in earlier eras to build a circumstantial case that a particular off

Secrecy: Press Subpoenas

Washingtonian Profile of DOJ Leaks Prosecutor

Shane Harris of Washingtonian magazine has a lengthy profile on the magazine's web site of William Welch, who is the Justice Department's point man on leaks cases. It's a hard-hitting and unflattering piece that suggests that Welch is over-aggressive and may have played a larger role in the misconduct associated with the prosecution of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens than he has acknowledged.


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