Secrecy: Press Subpoenas

Latest in Secrecy: Press Subpoenas

Secrecy: Leaks Prosecutions

Can You Understand These Data Collection Stories Without Understanding the Minimization Procedures?

Four comments on today's Washington Post story (and the Verizon story on domestic and foreign data collection):

First, today's Post story reminded me of this very interesting 2008 post from David Kris.  It is worth re-reading now. A key passage:

Secrecy: Press Behavior

Explainer on the AP Subpoenas Controversy

It's been a rough week for the Obama Administration. In addition to outrage over IRS targeting of conservative groups and continued conspiratorial rumblings about the Administration's response to the Benghazi attack, the Department of Justice (DOJ) faces blowback over subpoenas it issued for Associated Press (AP) reporters' telephone records.

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