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Rule of Law Field Operations

Change of Command at ROLFF-A

On September 14, General John R. Allen, who succeeded David Petraeus as the commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan, presided over the change of the command of Rule of Law Field Force – Afghanistan from Brigadier General Mark Martins (whom Lawfare readers know) to Rear Admiral Jim Crawford, who has been Staff Judge Advocate for the Commander of U.S.


Mea Culpa: Lawfare

In the Fall of 2002, a month or so after I started work in the Defense Department General Counsel’s office, I had a chat with Rear Admiral Michael Lohr, who at the time was the Judge Advocate General of the Navy.  I had come to the Pentagon from the University of Chicago Law knowing very little about how the U.S. military worked.

Rule of Law Field Operations

Michael Yon on General Martins and the NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission

Michael Yon, whose dispatches from the field are always interesting (and typically include copious photography to give you a feel for what he has seen), recently traveled with General Martins in connection with the stand-up of the NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission.  His coverage, including some great pics, is here.

Rule of Law Field Operations

NATO Stands Up Rule of Law Field Support Mission in Afghanistan

Kandahar--Among the ceremonies in Afghanistan on this past July 4th was one having more to do with Afghans and their international partners than with the United States troops stationed here, though we Americans saw strong connections between our allies' celebration and our own Independence Day observances. 

Implementing last month's decision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to establish a Rule of Law Field Support Mission in Afghanistan—first reported by Jack Goldsmith

Rule of Law Field Operations

ROLFF-A Gets a Boost from NATO

Defense Ministers from the 48 nations of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) today endorsed the NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission (NROLFSM).  The press release describes the mission as follows:

Governance and service delivery in Afghanistan remain key to ensure security gains are sustainable. Difficult terrain and insecurity pose challenges to lawyers, judges and other justice sector officials from fully accessing remote communities.

Rule of Law Field Operations

Mark Martins Speech at Harvard

Last Monday Harvard Law School conferred its medal of freedom on one of its graduates, General Mark Martins, Commander of the Rule of Law Field Force -Afghanistan.  The Harvard National Security Journal has just posted the speech, with slides, that General Martins gave for the occasion.  It is a terrific speech, covering a wide range of issues of interest to readers of this blog, including ho

Rule of Law Field Operations

Secretary Gates on Rule of Law in Afghanistan and the Possible Expansion of ROLFF

In a speech today that criticized NATO coalition partners for their diminishing contributions to the Afghanistan effort, Secretary of Defense Gates said something remarkable about the rule of law in the context of the Afghanistan transition:

[A]s we consider the elements of effective transition, it is worth recalling the core grievances in Afghanistan that spawned and subsequently empowered the Taliban 20 years ago.

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