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9/15 Upcoming Brookings Event: The Future of Civilian Robotics

Loyal Lawfarers: next Monday, September 15th at 2:00 pm, Brookings will host an event titled "The Future of Civilian Robotics." Ben will host a conversation between Wells, John Villasenor, and Gregory McNeal on the many civil liberties, privacy, legal, and regulatory issues the rapid advances in robotics present.

We'd love for you to join us here at Brookings for a cup of coffee and a conversation on the changing landscape of civilian robotics in the United States.

You can find the full event invitation here.


Readings: Geoffrey Corn on Autonomous Weapons

I'm pleased to note that Lawfare's good friend Geoff Corn has entered into the public discussion of autonomous weapon systems (AWS) with a new paper posted to SSRN, "Autonomous Weapon Systems: Legal Consequences of 'Taking the Man Out of the Loop'."  The paper is a relatively rough working draft, but it raises a number of considerations that merit close attention in the debates over AWS.

Targeted Killing

Report of the Stimson Center Task Force on Drone Policy

The Stimson Center released today the report of its Task Force on US Drone Policy. The ten-member task force, of which I was a member, was chaired by General John Abizaid and Rosa Brooks. The report makes eight recommendations for overhauling US drone strategy; improving oversight, accountability, transparency and clarifying the international legal framework applicable to lethal drones; and improving export controls for drone technology.


Readings: The Diffusion of Drone Warfare: Industrial, Infrastructural and Organizational Constraints by Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli

Political science graduate students Andrea Gilli (European Union Institute, Florence) and Mauro Gilli (Northwestern University, Evanston) have posted a new and provocative paper to SSRN--"The Diffusion of Drone Warfare: Industrial, Infrastructural and Organizational Constraints."

I read this paper when first posted to SSRN some weeks back, but I waited to discuss it in a Readings post until I had talked through its themes with a few friends expert in this area.


John Villasenor on Driverless Cars and Liability

Wells and I and our Brookings colleague John Villasenor have begun a paper series of civilian robotics. Some of it is a little beyond normal Lawfare fare, but some of it will be in the heartland. The first paper in the series, which we released recently, is by John and deals with driverless cars and liability rules for car accidents.

Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

9/11 Case Motions Hearing: April 17 Session

There's a small band of us here at Fort Meade's Smallwood Hall---the venue where we'll take in, via slightly-delayed, Closed Circuit Television, more of a pre-trial motions session in the 9/11 military commission case.

It's been an odd little week at Guantanamo.  To recap, the defense has claimed that the FBI, while investigating the leak of KSM's nutty manifesto to the press, inappropriately interrogated a defense security officer ("DSO") assigned to the Binalshibh defense team.

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