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Tiny Robots Pull Huge Loads

Here's an interesting demonstration of how much more powerful robots are becoming. A group at Stanford has produced tiny robots that can lift, while climbing up walls, more than 100 times their own weight---and one that can drag a weight 2,000 times heavier than itself.

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Help An Elementary School Find Its Lost Drone

It seems Chesterbrook Elementary, of Fairfax County, Virginia, has lost its drone---and now wishes to enlist the help of the community in locating it.

Such is the gist of the below email, sent by a school official earlier today. (I have embedded the video and pictures, which are linked in the original.)  Chesterbrook isn't that far away from Langley... 

Missing Drone - we need your help!  :)

Autonomous Weapon Systems

NYT on Autonomous Weapons and Ways to Regulate Them

The New York Times has a useful article today on autonomous weapon systems and debate about their regulation.  The issue is also on the discussion agenda this week in Geneva for the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapon.  The Times article says:

Warfare is increasingly guided by software. Today, armed drones can be operated by remote pilots peering into video screens thousands of miles from the battlefield.


The Need for a New Agency to Regulate Robots

Joshua Bleiberg has a post on the Brookings Tech Tank blog summarizing Ryan Calo's new paper, which argues for a Federal Robotics Commission to broker the regulatory and legal issues new robotic technologies present.

It begins:

Emerging technologies often generate a great debate over the efficacy of new federal regulations. In the past, the government has had to adapt to new technologies like the railroad or the radio.

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