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Rational Security: The "Centennial" Edition

President Trump has announced executive orders on border security and immigration policy—and maybe interrogation. Former military officers are taking senior posts in the National Security Council. And investigators have scrutinized National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s communications with Russian officials. Plus Susan hit the streets with the Women’s March. Shane is visiting DC’s most secure facility. And I ponder: America first? How about The Netherlands second?

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Rational Security: The "Golden Bombshell" Edition

The FBI and intelligence community have received explosive allegations that Donald Trump’s staff had contacts with Russian government officials connected to the recent hacking campaign, and that the Russian government has blackmail material on the president-elect. Intelligence chiefs brief Congress—and Trump—on what they know about who was behind the hacking. And what do new revelations—and unproven allegations—mean for the future of Trump’s Cabinet picks and his national security policy.

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Rational Security: The "New Year/New Tweets" Edition

The Obama administration sanctions the Russians it says were involved in election hacking, while President-Elect Trump continues to insist the Russians aren’t to blame. North Korea says it’s close to developing a nuclear missile that could strike U.S. targets. And the latest not-really-a-ceasefire takes hold in Syria. 

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Rational Security: The "Human Objectification Edition"

The president-elect takes a call from the leader of Taiwan. Bipartisan pressure is mounting in Congress to investigate the Russian hacks of the presidential election. And if you’re a wonk in Washington, you may be out in the cold. Plus, Shane says you should hire Justin Lynch, who was just tossed out of South Sudan. Tamara says you should really read Newt Gingrich’s tweets. Susan gives a shout out to NPR’s Asma Khalid. And I, or my voice anyway, have a secret admirer.

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