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Rational Security is a weekly roundtable podcast featuring Shane Harris of the Washington Post and Susan Hennessey, Tamara Cofman Wittes and Benjamin Wittes of the Brookings Institution. It’s a lively and irreverent discussion of news, ideas, foreign policy, and law. There’s always a laugh. Sometimes there’s even scotch. You can subscribe here or on iTunes

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Rational Security: The 'Where’s the Beef?' Edition

Violence escalates in Afghanistan as U.S. troops withdraw. President Biden directs intelligence agencies to look for more evidence that a lab leak may have started the covid pandemic. And a ransomware attack targets the world’s largest beef processor. Plus, special guest Madiha Afzal of the Brookings Institution joins the gang.  


Rational Security: The 'Definitely not Indefinitely Suspended' Edition

President Biden says he will raise the cap on refugees admitted to the United States. A federal judge accuses the Justice Department and former Attorney General Bill Barr of misleading her and Congress about the advice he got on whether to charge former President Trump. And an oversight board decides Facebook was right to suspend Donald Trump, but leaves open the question of whether to permanently kick him off the social media platform. Special guest Kate Klonick joins us to discuss!  


Rational Security: The 'Oops! Rudy Did It Again' Edition

Federal investigators search Rudy Giuliani’s New York apartment, in an escalation of a criminal investigation into the former president’s lawyer. Covid-19 ravages India, with a record-breaking number of daily infections reported, and the Biden administration pledges assistance. And two tech companies are facing off in a dispute over surveillance, privacy and security.  


Rational Security: The 'Collusion Was Not an Illusion' Edition

The Treasury Department says an associate of disgraced Trump ally Paul Manafort gave campaign data to “Russian Intelligence,” leading us to ask, why are we only hearing this now? A former senior Trump aide was up to even more shenanigans than we knew. And top intelligence officials testify about global threats.  

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