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Wassenaar, Cybersecurity, and Why European Officials Get Better Lunches than Americans

Alan Cohn and I did a one-hour explanation of the fuss over the Wassenaar Arrangement, intrusion software, and cybersecurity on Friday. Because we did it for the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project, we tried to link this international regulatory initiative to broader lessons about regulating technology in today’s world. One of the lesser lessons: European officials will always be invited to better lunches than their American counterparts. 


Rational Security: The "Million Dollars in Rugs" Edition

Special Counsel Robert Mueller unveils the first indictments in his sprawling investigation—and a surprise plea agreement. We talk about the significance of his moves and where the investigation might be heading next. And New York experiences the deadliest act of terrorism since the 9/11 attacks. Plus, Shane has hired new security guards. Is Susan wearing a wire? And I add some new cannons to the family.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Interview with United States Representative Tom Graves

In our 189th episode Stewart Baker has a chance to interview United States Representative Tom Graves, co-sponsor of the Active Cyber Defense Certainty (ACDC) Act, which allows those whose networks are under persistent attack to leave their network to conduct investigative action.  Representative Graves offers a measured but deeply felt defense of the proposal and is optimistic about its reception.  And, with the hard-hitting investigative approach The Cyberlaw Podcast is known for, I ask the tough question:


The Lawfare Podcast: Anne Applebaum on the Red Famine

Stalin’s 1929 agricultural collectivization policy, which catalyzed the most lethal famine in European history, left millions of Ukrainian peasants dead. Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Anne Applebaum recently published a book on this famine and the horrors of Stalin’s agricultural collectivization in Ukraine, revealing the more insidious intent behind the Soviet Union’s policy and enforcement.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Putting the 'F' in FISA: Bipartisan Extremism and the Road to 1997

In this episode, Brian Egan and I deconstruct the endlessly proliferating “FISA 702 Reform” bills, from the irresponsible House Judiciary bill to the “I’ll see your irresponsible and raise you crazy” bipartisan extremist bill beloved of Sens.


The Lawfare Podcast, Special Edition: Indictment Day

What a day! Paul Manafort Jr. and Richard Gates III have been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who today also rolled out a plea deal with Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos. Lawfare contributing editors Paul Rosenzweig, who worked under Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, and Robert Bauer, who served as Barack Obama's White House Counsel, join Benjamin Wittes for a discussion of the day's events.

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