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Scalia and Foreign Law

On November 18th, at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention, I joined a trio of eminent national-security-law experts—Texas’s Steve Vladeck, the Brennan Center’s Liza Goitein, and GW’s Brad Clark—for a lively panel on Justice Scalia’s legacy in our field. That was also the theme of an essay I wrote for Lawfare in the wake of Justice Scalia’s passing in February.


Successful Student Online Legal Writing

I am teaching a seminar at Yale Law School this term, and the students there asked me—based on my experiences with Lawfare—to give a talk about student online writing. (I am also teaching a how-to “laboratory” at Harvard Law School for students who want to write for Lawfare.) One needn’t choose between online, bloggy forms of writing and more traditional law review forms.


Manzanar in California's Owens Valley on Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to Americans everywhere! My wife and I are on vacation in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California, a part of it called the Owens Valley (which, His Serenity notes in passing, is God’s Own Country). We watched fireworks last night put on by the Paiute-Shoshone Indian Reservation in the town of Bishop, sponsored by the tribe’s Indian veterans post (which has a great exhibit of the tribe’s many military veterans stretching from today back to WWI, located in the Cultural Center in Bishop).


Game of Thrones Net Assessment

In the spirit of enjoying a little bit of light hearted diversion, I offer this link to a semi-serious analysis of the prospects of Daenrys Targaryen reclaiming the Iron Throne of Westros. The assessment looks at Dany's strategic assets, her maratime transport problem, the state of conflict among her opponents, and her prospects of winning the hearts and minds of her putative supporters. The opening:


Think Tank Merger

According to this report from the normally reliable Think Tank Watch, The Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institution will merge this year:

Think Tank Watch has learned that the center-left Brookings Institution is in the late stages of a merger deal with the conservative Heritage Foundation to form a new think tank behemoth called "Brookitage."


John Hay, Secretary of State to Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt, Died 110 Years Ago Today

John Hay had a fascinating tenure as Secretary of State from 1898 – 1905. This was a period known for the increase in the power of the President, especially at the hands of Teddy Roosevelt. Not coincidentally, U.S. power abroad also increased during the time, often through policies designed or implemented by John Hay.


The Baker of Hard National Security Choices Strikes Again

First, there was the "drone strike cake," called "notorious" by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Then there was the "Zero Dark Thirtieth Birthday Cake," because, well, . . . just because.

Now, the mysterious anonymous Baker of Hard National Security Choices has struck again with a group of national security-themed fondant figurines.

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