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Berthold Werner

For more than a generation, no region has drawn as much national security attention and angst than has the Middle East. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, and operations throughout the region raise thorny questions of domestic and international law. Numerous regional conflicts inevitably raise concerns about compliance with the law of armed conflict, and debates over policy have become inextricably linked with debates over the law.


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Supreme Court of Israel

The Current State of Play in Israel’s Constitutional Showdown

As the first draft laws making up the new Israeli government’s judicial reform start passing preliminary votes in the Knesset, Israel moves toward a constitutional showdown, in which the Supreme Court might have to strike down new laws that seek to remove its power to strike down unconstitutional legislation.

Supreme Court of Israel

No More Legal ‘Gatekeepers’? Plans to Downgrade the Status of Government Legal Advisors in Israel

Government legal advisers play an important role in upholding the rule of law in Israel. Planned legal reforms, however, seek to allow the government to ignore their legal opinions and replace senior advisers with political appointees.

Supreme Court of Israel

Reversing the ‘Constitutional Revolution’: The Israeli Government’s Plan to Undermine the Supreme Court’s Judicial Review of Legislation

How did the Israeli Supreme Court use its authority after the constitutional revolution of the 1990s and what do current proposals to limit the power of the court to exercise judicial review over Knesset legislation look like?

Supreme Court of Israel

The New Israeli Government’s ‘Constitutional Law Reforms’: Why now? What do they mean? And what will happen next?

With the swearing in of Israel’s new government, Israel’s legal system is facing proposals for sweeping reform that would change fundamental aspects of the courts’ ability to check and balance the Knesset’s legislative powers.

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