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In Defense of Jim Comey: Politico's Bizarrely Shoddy Attack on the FBI Director

An astonishingly bad piece appeared in Politico this week attacking FBI Director James Comey. The thesis is bold. The evidence is shockingly weak. Critical history and information is left out. Quotations are seemingly intentionally distorted. And important information in the story is just wrong.

Media Criticism

A Moment of Zen: The New York Times Editorial Page Cites Lawfare as an Authority

Since the New York Times editorial page has apparently now decided that I have impeccable judgment on matters of law and national security, I have a bunch of other Lawfare posts for the editorial page staff there to read: my many posts on factual errors in the Times editorial page's Guantanamo coverage.


Deception and the Iran Deal: Did the Obama Administration Mislead America, Or Did the Rhodes Profile?

Much of what ought to be said about Sunday’s New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes has already been said, including by Rhodes himself. But the article’s substantive claims, particularly regarding the Obama administration’s approach to Iran, are serious enough to warrant yet another response. 

Targeted Killing: Drones

A Response to the “Drone Papers”: AUMF Targeting is a Deliberate Process with Robust Political Accountability

The Intercept’s “Drone Papers” leaker “believes the public has a right to know how the U.S. government decides to assassinate people.” But the documents themselves are hardly as damning as the breathless tone of the reporting suggests. 

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