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Russia-Ukraine War

The Case for Designating the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Militias as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

As Russian occupation of four Ukrainian territories rages on, the U.S. may have an additional tool in its arsenal: designating the Russian-backed separatist forces, the Donetsk People’s Militia and the Luhansk People’s Militia, as foreign terrorist organizations.

Material Support

Document: Forced Labor Constitutes Material Support, Board of Immigration Appeals Finds

In a June 6th ruling, the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed and remanded the case of a woman appealing an immigration judge's decision to deny her asylum application because of her provision of material support to guerillas in El Salvador. The woman was kidnapped by the guerillas and forced to cook and clean for them, as well as to undergo weapons training. The guerrillas also forced her to watch as her husband dug his own grave before being murdered.

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Prosecuting Hezbollah Agents: The Domestic Front of a Larger, Long-Term Shadow Conflict

Material support prosecutions comes in many shapes and sizes, but because of their frequency we often fail to notice when their are unusual or novel applications. A case in point (well, two cases in point) arose yesterday, when DOJ's National Security Division announced that the FBI had arrested two men—one in Michigan, the other in New York—who allegedly serve as agents of Hezbollah's foreign-operations arm. One of the men is a naturalized U.S.

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Should the Muslim Brotherhood be Designated a Terrorist Organization?

Certain segments of the American Right have long been spoiling to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization under the material support statute. And now that Donald Trump is president, talk of designating the Brotherhood is heating up. Sen.

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CRS Report on "The Advocacy of Terrorism on the Internet: Freedom of Speech Issues and Material Support Statutes"

The Congressional Research Service has issued a new report on "The Advocacy of Terrorism on the Internet: Freedom of Speech Issues and Material Support Statutes." The report is available below and can also be found here. Thanks to the Federation of American Scientists for initially posting the report.

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