#LiveFromUkraine is a conversation with Ukrainian voices, hosted by Benjamin Wittes and taped live on Twitter Spaces. Each guest is a Ukrainian who can provide the context on Ukrainian politics and culture that an English-speaking audience might be missing.

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Latest in #LiveFromUkraine


#LiveFromUkraine: Svitlana Khytrenko: "Russia Delenda Est"

Svitlana Khytrenko (@s_khytrenko) is a Ukrainian student who has lived in Germany and Poland since escaping Kyiv back in March. She sat down with Benjamin Wittes on #LiveFromUkraine to talk about her experiences as a refugee, her life in Poland, and her feelings about Russia and its imperial clownishness.


#LiveFromUkraine: Vitalii Ovcharenko Talks About Fighting for Ukraine in the Field

Vitalii Ovarchenko is a Ukrainian army soldier who participated in the defense of Kyiv and is now stationed in the Donbas. He sat down with Benjamin Wittes on #LiveFromUkraine to talk about his life before Russia's invasion, his current role in the Ukrainian military, and more. 

Listen to #LiveFromUkraine here or below on Twitter Spaces @BenjaminWittes:


#LiveFromUkraine: Alina Mykhailova: "From a Suit and Heels Back Into My Military Uniform"

On Feb. 22, she was a city councilwoman in Kyiv. Since February 24, she has been a combat medic in the Donesk region. Alina Mykhailova chats with us from the front about her life before and during the war and about the current situation on the front lines of the fighting in Donbas.

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