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Surveillance: Snowden NSA Controversy

David Kris: “On the Bulk Collection of Tangible Things” (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

My fellow Americans, we have achieved a major victory in the War on Law Reviews. I’m thrilled to announce the next paper in Lawfare Research Paper Series: David Kris’s “On the Bulk Collection of Tangible Things.”

Lawfare Research Paper Series

Announcing the Lawfare Research Paper Series

Lawfare is pleased to announce that it is beginning publication of occasional papers, under title of the Lawfare Research Paper Series.  Papers published in this series are ones that the Lawfare editors regard as particularly valuable and important, and will appear on an occasional basis as the editors come across them.  We are not accepting submissions to this series, which in any case will appear on a highly irregular basis, but will be on the lookout for papers of interest.


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