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Nic McPhee

The Research Paper Series is Lawfare’s attempt to save national security legal scholarship from the soul-crushing void of law reviews. Only the very rarest law review articles have any kind of policy relevance or value to people who actually make hard national security choices--and conversely, what policy-relevant scholarship does get published in law reviews rarely gets anywhere near its potential policy audiences. The Research Paper Series aims to change this by publishing scholarship that that Lawfare believes is actually useful and important to policymakers and national security practitioners.

Latest in Lawfare Research Paper Series

Lawfare Research Paper Series

Matthew Levitt: In Search of Nuance

Lawfare is pleased to announce the publication of a new paper in the Lawfare Research Paper Series: In Search of Nuance in the Debate over Hezbollah's Criminal Enterprise and the U.S. Response, by Matthew Levitt, Fromer-Wexler Fellow and director of the Stein program on counterterrorism and intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

From the abstract:

Lawfare Research Paper Series

Sahand Moarefy: Partially Unwinding Sanctions: The Problematic Construct of Sanctions Relief in the JCPOA (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

The Lawfare Research Paper Series introduces a new working paper—Partially Unwinding Sanctions: The Problematic Construct of Sanctions Relief in the JCPOA by Sahand Moarefy.

Lawfare Research Paper Series

Anthony Rutkowski: International Signals Intelligence Law: Provisions and History (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

Lawfare is pleased to announced the publication of a new paper in the Lawfare Research Paper Series: International Signals Intelligence Law: Provisions and History by Tony Rutkowski.

FISA: 215 Collection

Philip B. Heymann: An Essay on Domestic Surveillance (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

Lawfare is pleased to announce the publication of a new -- and timely -- paper in the Lawfare Research Paper Series: An Essay on Domestic Surveillance, by Philip B. Heymann, law professor at Harvard Law School and former Deputy Attorney General in the first Clinton Administration. (The paper can be found under the Special Features/Research Papers tab at the top of the Lawfare main page, where it is listed on the index of Lawfare Research Papers.


Jonah Force Hill: The Growth of Data Localization Post-Snowden (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

Ever since the Edward Snowden revelations began, countries outraged by U.S. intelligence practices have been batting around the idea of forcing countries to store data on their citizens within those countries' borders. So-called data-localization laws have been discussed in Brazil and Germany and elsewhere, and they very much frighten U.S. technology companies, who worry that they threaten a Balkanization of the internet. They have not, however, been the subject of rigorous study.

Lawfare Research Paper Series

Russell Wheeler: The Changing Composition of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and What If Anything To Do About It (Lawfare Research Paper Series)

The question of the composition of the FISA Court---politically, demographically, and in terms of professional background---has arisen periodically throughout the last year. It has given rise to news coverage, recommendations by the president's review group, legislative proposals, and defensiveness on the part of the judiciary. I asked my longtime Brookings colleague Russell Wheeler, an expert on the federal judiciary, to take a dispassionate look at the numbers and the various proposals for changes to the court's designation system.

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