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A Very Low-Tech Drone Smackdown

Courtesy of my old friend Steve Renaker---computer programmer, maker of harpsichords, and menace to toy helicopters everywhere. Steve writes on Facebook about this video, "Office hijinks for the day---shooting down helicopters with rubber bands. A low-tech approach to a problem Ben once faced" (link added).

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

What's the Deal With the New York Times and Really Bad Drone Humor?

As the co-creator of the Lawfare Drone Smackdown and the publisher (though not the baker) of this drone strike cake, I should perhaps check myself before cringing at other people's drone humor. But I can't help but ask at this point what's going on over at the New York Times? The staid paper of record is on a roll of truly terrible---deeply unhumorous---supposedly comic drone pieces.

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

Lessons from the Smackdown

Most of the press coverage of the Lawfare Drone Smackdown has focused, understandably enough, on the FAA's intervention in the event. In this post, however, I want to focus on some of the lessons of the event itself. The Smackdown was a game, not an attempt at a realistic simulation---a kind of a spoof, in some ways. But it ends up, in a parable-like fashion, representing and distilling real issues pointedly. In this post, which will be my last substantive post on the Smackdown, I want to highlight three such lessons.

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