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Lawfare Drone Smackdown

Did the Secret Service Watch the Lawfare Drone Smackdown?

Over at Defense One, Patrick Tucker has an interesting article headlined: "Did the White House Use Drone Killing Technology?" It opens:

At about 3 a.m. on Monday morning, a small quadcopter drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, crashed on the White House lawn. White House officials said that the drone, by itself, was unarmed and didn’t represent a threat.


The FAA Wants to Hear From You About Privacy and Domestic Drones

Robot watchers likely know about the FAA’s recent solicitation of applications from entities desiring to operate one of six experimental test sites for domestic drones.

Last year, Congress ordered the FAA to figure out how to bring drones into the national airspace, and on a broad scale, by late 2015.  Thus the test site program, an interim measure meant to help the agency to compile operational data about domestic drone flights.  Privacy comes into play here.  In particular, the FAA in February also as

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

What's the Deal With the New York Times and Really Bad Drone Humor?

As the co-creator of the Lawfare Drone Smackdown and the publisher (though not the baker) of this drone strike cake, I should perhaps check myself before cringing at other people's drone humor. But I can't help but ask at this point what's going on over at the New York Times?

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

New Paper on Domestic Drone Issues

From the shameless self-promotion department, this: last week Brookings published my recent paper on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems---drones---into our national airspace.

The piece identifies: (1) key benchmarks set by the FAA Modernization and Authorization Act, the statute behind the integration process; (2) the agency's progress to date in meeting those benchmarks; and (3) core policy issues that must be addressed before late 2015---the so-called "deadline" for integration of privately- as well a

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

A Second Drone War Won By Cyberattack

Those of you who followed the Lawfare Drone Smackdown will be interested in this post on DIY Drones:

We had a a great time at the Drone Games at the Groupon offices in SF today. (They used to be called the Drone Olympics until they got a cease-and-desist from the Olympic Organizing Committee). Nine teams competed, all using Parrot AR.Drones running Node.js software.

Lawfare Drone Smackdown

Lessons from the Smackdown

Most of the press coverage of the Lawfare Drone Smackdown has focused, understandably enough, on the FAA's intervention in the event. In this post, however, I want to focus on some of the lessons of the event itself. The Smackdown was a game, not an attempt at a realistic simulation---a kind of a spoof, in some ways. But it ends up, in a parable-like fashion, representing and distilling real issues pointedly. In this post, which will be my last substantive post on the Smackdown, I want to highlight three such lessons.

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