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A Note to Readers New and Old

Yesterday morning, I had pleasure of speaking to the great Ira Glass of This American Life about my piece on President Trump’s executive order on refugees and visas. Later on, Glass sent me a lovely note about Lawfare: “On Saturday I stumbled across your analysis of the Executive Order banning people from seven countries. Two days later you were the first to post the State Department dissent.

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Please Fill Out Our Survey on Today's Headlines & Commentary!

If you read our Today's Headlines & Commentary feature (and even if you don't), it's your lucky day: we're still looking for reader input on how we can improve our regular news roundup. If you have a moment, please fill out the survey below so we can figure out how to redesign the feature so it works best for you.

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Lawfare Attacked

It's been a while since Lawfare was the subject of denial of service attacks. And we hope you didn't even notice the one we had yesterday evening. According to our tech folks, "Lawfare was subject to a denial of service attempt ostensibly stemming from machines in Latvia masquerading as googlebot crawlers. This doesn't tell us much since the threat could have been originating from anyplace and just routed through Latvia to mask IPs."

In any event, we experienced a brief disruption, and you might have noticed speed issues on the site as we managed it.

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A Lawfare Welcome

I am delighted to announce important changes to our masthead.

First, Julian Ku and Robert Loeb have both agreed to become contributing editors. Lawfare readers already know their work well, as they have both been writing for us for some time, Julian on South China Sea matters and Bob on national security civil litigation.

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