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A Fundraising Update, A Reminder, and Some Thanks

Thanks to some heroic contributors over the weekend, we are nearly halfway to having raised the funds to redesign and rebuild Lawfare. If you are one of the people who has made this possible, many thanks. If you are a regular reader and have not yet contributed to the site, please consider that we are only halfway to where we need to be---and that one of things we are missing is a contribution from you.


Please Support Lawfare as We Rebuild the Site

Yesterday, we received a notification from the IRS that our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status has now been approved---making donations to Lawfare tax deductible. Today, we met with representatives of a tech company who are helping us plan and execute a major redesign of the Lawfare site. We need your help in making this happen.

Lawfare has outgrown its original blog format. We have different communities of readers who use the site for very different purposes.


A Security Update

Many thanks to everyone who has responded to my post Saturday morning about our security issues. Thanks to all who made contributions. Thanks to the cybersecurity professionals (and amateurs) who have reached out with advice and suggestions. Thanks as well to the companies that have offered assistance. And thanks finally to the many people who disagree with a great deal of what they read on this site yet have supported us---publicly and privately---over the past few days.


Our Recent Cybersecurity Problems---and an Appeal for Reader Help

I am writing both to update readers on the attacks on Lawfare that took place this week and to make a frank fundraising appeal for reader help in addressing them.

As readers know, we have been hit since December with episodic but low-grade denial of service attacks. These are a pain in the neck but not the world's biggest problem. This week, however, things escalated considerably. On Thursday, we were hit with what appears to be a botnet attack. And yesterday, our system crashed twice as a result of what appears to be a malicious intrusion.


Supporting Lawfare

I am pleased to announce that yesterday, The Lawfare Institute---the organization that publishes Lawfare---filed its 501(c)(3) application with the IRS for tax exempt status as an educational organization. The application continues this site's development from a small small blog of three colleagues and friends into an online set of multimedia resources for a large and growing community devoted to national security legal policy. I'm taking the opportunity of this filing to remind readers that Lawfare is not free to produce.


Support Lawfare Too---Or Instead

This week was pledge drive on Washington's major NPR affiliate: WAMU. If you're like me, NPR pledge week involves a certain disruption in daily schedule. NPR is one of my major news sources. But I tend to go without it during pledge weeks on grounds that, well, listening to people harangue me for money is just tedious and no substitute for news. This week, however, the pledge drive held an element of interest for me. Because just as NPR-affiliate has to do, I have been trying to get those who use Lawfare to support a non-profit news operation we provide as a reader service.


More Technical Problems---and a Renewed Call for Help

Another day, another major outage caused by our soon-to-be-former hosting company, Bluehost. Our sincere apologies. Ritika and I just got off the phone with Bluehost, which acknowledges that for the second time this week, hardware problems on their end are taking Lawfare off the internet.

We are on the verge of signing up with a new company, which promises both to host Lawfare and to run its technical management.


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