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The Grand Prize Winner of Our Snazzy Drawing

Some time back, I promised that if you donated to Lawfare before year's end, each dollar of contribution would constitute a separate chance to win neato Lawfare prizes. The year having ended, Cody, Wells, and I sat down the other day and did a little drawing using a handy online random number generator. If you've won something, you'll be hearing from us. Our grand prize winner, who gets dinner with an available Lawfare writer of her choice, is Grace Suarez of San Francisco.

As it happens---and Wells and Cody will back me up on this---I did not rig this drawing.


Support Lawfare, Feel All Warm and Fuzzy, and Get Something Back!

The other day, I listened to a fascinating episode of Freakonomics Radio featuring a lengthy discussion with a noted economist about what actually works in non-profit fundraising. I listened to this with, I suspect, more-than-average attention, as we have been working hard recently to raise money to grow Lawfare.


Note to Law Students: Buy Your Textbooks on Lawfare

It's that time of year where law students buy textbooks. If you're buying textbooks, please consider doing so using the Amazon search box on Lawfare. Every time you buy things using that box, Lawfare gets financial support from Amazon. When you buy big-ticket items like expensive text books, the money actually adds up. It's a great way to support Lawfare without spending any additional money.

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