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Lawfare: Administrative: Fundraising

Double Your Donation to Lawfare During Fundraising Matching Campaign

As we shared earlier, Lawfare is seeing a dramatic increase in readership. We think this reflects the importance of what we publish and are excited that the national security legal issues we’ve long cared about are now resonating with an even larger audience. Below is a comparison of our traffic this month versus the same period last year:


Don't Forget Your End-of-Year Contribution to Lawfare

If you are one of the many readers who has donated to Lawfare this year, I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Your support means a great deal to us as we continue to grow. This year has seen astonishing growth at Lawfare, a matter I'll detail in my New Year's post, but suffice it for now to say that we continue—organizationally speaking—to chase the tiger whose tail we grabbed with this project years ago. Your support makes a huge difference in our ability to stay agile, stay growing, and continue to experiment with new features and new content streams.

Birthday Fundraising Drive

Last Day of Our Birthday Fundraising Drive

Today is the last day of our birthday fundraising drive. If you have given Lawfare a birthday gift over the last week, thanks so much. If you haven't, well, I have four questions for you:

How regularly do you use this site? How much is it worth to you? How well are you sleeping at night? Wouldn't you sleep better at night if you paid your way?

You know what to do.

Birthday Fundraising Drive

Lawfare's Birthday Funding Drive

Today is Lawfare's sixth birthday.

The years since we launched this site have been a wild ride. Lawfare continues to grow in readership and in the diversity, scope, and volume of its content offerings. What began as a small blog of three friends and colleagues has evolved into a full-featured digital magazine. Lawfare's success is in no small part a function of its thoughtful and engaged readership. Thank you to all our readers for helping to make Lawfare what it is.


Ten Good Reasons to Support Lawfare in Your End-of-Year Giving

Here are ten good reasons you should not forget to include Lawfare in your end-of-year giving plans:

Lawfare is far less irritating about asking you for money than your local NPR affiliate.

The Lawfare Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit.

You read Lawfare. You rely on it. You value it. You'd feel guilty being a freeloader.

Lawfare adds rigor to the conversation.

Lawfare annoys the people who annoy you most.

Lawfare: Administrative: Fundraising

USG Folks: Support Lawfare Through the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign!

A little announcement from HQ, for interested readers inside the federal government: You can now support Lawfare, by means of the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign. The CFC is, in short, the United States' in-house donations effort for participating charities and non-profits; or, as the CFC's literature puts it, "the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaign in the world."

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