Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Latest in Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Ask Wells: #ComeyCrypto, Our Mysterious Publisher, and Cancelled Hearings

I am stoked to post the first installment of Lawfare’s latest (and perhaps most peculiar) experimental feature: "Ask Wells."

The format, as Benjamin Wittes explained earlier, is straightforward.  Readers can write in and ask questions on most any topic---from national security law to the site’s content and editorial choices to whatever other things may be on their minds. I will do my best to answer---though I obviously do not promise to answer every single question.

Here are three queries.


Ask Wells

The name of this New York Times feature makes me think Lawfare should have a Q&A/Advice/Ombudsman/Ask-Me-Anything type column and that it really should be written by our managing editor, Wells Bennett. We're going to call it: "Ask Wells." Got a pressing national security law question? Ask Wells.

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