Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Latest in Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Lawfare: Administrative: Ask Wells

Ask Wells: #ComeyCrypto, Our Mysterious Publisher, and Cancelled Hearings

I am stoked to post the first installment of Lawfare’s latest (and perhaps most peculiar) experimental feature: "Ask Wells."

The format, as Benjamin Wittes explained earlier, is straightforward.  Readers can write in and ask questions on most any topic---from national security law to the site’s content and editorial choices to whatever other things may be on their minds.


Ask Wells

The name of this New York Times feature makes me think Lawfare should have a Q&A/Advice/Ombudsman/Ask-Me-Anything type column and that it really should be written by our managing editor, Wells Bennett. We're going to call it: "Ask Wells." Got a pressing national security law question? Ask Wells.

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