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Let there be Merch!

We are excited to announce, in plenty of time for the holidays, our new—and dramatically improved—Lawfare swag shop.

You want shirts? We've got lots of shirts, for women and men and everyone.

Onesies? We've got onesies.


Editor's Note

Earlier today, Lawfare published an article that was significantly beneath its editorial standards. I take full responsibility for this decision and, on behalf of myself and Lawfare’s board of directors, wish to explain the circumstances of the decision to publish it and the steps we are taking to ensure that such a lapse does not happen again.


Help Us Build a Lawfare App

We are currently studying the problem of how to build a maximally useful Lawfare mobile app—and our tech team is looking to interview readers to figure out how people are using the site and what functionality people need. As we did when we built Lawfare's website, we are keen for reader involvement in the process to make sure the product we develop is as responsive to actual reader need as possible. If you are willing to be contacted by our tech folks for an interview, please fill out this short survey.

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