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We're Hiring: Announcing a New Brookings-Lawfare Congressional Fellowship

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a new position at Lawfare and Brookings. This two-year fellowship is dedicated to covering congressional activity on national security issues in the Lawfare space. Over the years, Lawfare has developed some of the most comprehensive and informed analysis of national security legal and policy issues within the executive branch and the courts. For a long time, we’ve felt that the legislative branch was getting short shrift. This position is designed to fix that.

Job Announcements

Come Work for Lawfare

It’s my pleasure to announce that Lawfare is hiring an associate editor! Nobody’s leaving, but the site has seen monumental growth in the volume of readership and submissions recently, and our team wants your help handling it.

The position is highly demanding: It carries editorial responsibilities for Lawfare and research and administrative responsibilities as Benjamin Wittes’s research assistant. But it also provides unparalleled writing opportunities for the right candidate at this particular time for the site.

Job Announcements

Temporary Editorial Position at Lawfare

Our redoubtable associate editor, Quinta Jurecic, is taking a leave of absence starting in two weeks—a leave that will run through the end of the calendar year. This leaves us a big hole to fill, and we need an intense, energetic, would-be editorial superstar to jump in for a few months to fill it.

Warning: This is a super-demanding entry-level position. It is also a great opportunity for the right person interested in law, policy and national security, and willing to dive in the deep end without a lot of hand-holding.

Job Announcements

UT-Austin Postdoctoral Fellowship in Intelligence Studies

The Intelligence Studies Project at the University of Texas-Austin will award a postdoctoral fellowship in intelligence studies to a promising young scholar for the 2017-2018 academic year. This unique fellowship is intended to support the next generation of scholars and educators in the field of intelligence.

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