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Paid Policy Incubator Fellowship For Technologists: A Call for Applications

Silicon Valley needs to understand Washington. While Valley companies increasingly make decisions that affect millions—even billions—of people, too many technologists still fail to grasp the important role of public policy, how to participate in the policy process, and how to explain their work in language that lawmakers can grasp.

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Come Work At Lawfare!

I’m excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a new Associate Editor at Lawfare.

This is a highly demanding role. It's a research assistantship at Brookings. But it's also a dual-hatted role in which a significant amount of the position’s work involves being part of Lawfare’s editorial staff, helping with the care and feeding of the site's voracious appetite, and assisting with the smooth functioning of its editorial process. There is also a lot of great writing opportunity for the right person.

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Teaching the Technical Aspects of Cybersecurity to Law and Policy Students: Come Join Our Team in Austin!

Tacos and sunshine. SXSW and a booming, tech-focused economy. Barbeque and live music all over. All that, plus a chance to work with a team that is kind, fun, and eager to innovate in the classroom and in policy-relevant writing.

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Want to Run Lawfare? We Need a Director of Operations

Lawfare is growing, not just as a website but also as an organization. And we are hiring a new Director of Operations to help us grow. If you’re someone who loves Lawfare and wants to be involved—central, even—to the next few years of the site’s life but you’re not an editorial person, just a hard-charging entrepreneurial type who knows how to run an organization, we want to hear from you.

The Lawfare Institute, Director of Operations


Job Announcements

We're Hiring: Announcing a New Brookings-Lawfare Congressional Fellowship

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a new position at Lawfare and Brookings. This two-year fellowship is dedicated to covering congressional activity on national security issues in the Lawfare space. Over the years, Lawfare has developed some of the most comprehensive and informed analysis of national security legal and policy issues within the executive branch and the courts. For a long time, we’ve felt that the legislative branch was getting short shrift. This position is designed to fix that.

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