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Jihadology Podcast: Islamist Militancy in Bangladesh: Then & Now

C. Christine Fair comes on the show to talk about Islamism in Bangladesh. Some of the topics covered include:

History of Islamism in Bangladesh and its intersection with mainstream politics The role of Bangladeshi Islamists with Rohingya refugees History of al-Qaeda’s involvement in Bangladesh and its newest enterprise through Ansar al-Islam What we know about recent Islamic State attacks in Bangladesh



Jihadology Podcast: The State of Jihadism in Somalia: al-Shabab & IS

Harun Maruf comes on the show to discuss jihadism in Somalia. Some of the topics covered include:

What al-Shabab has been up to since the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya Background on al-Shabab’s leader Ahmad Umar and how he compares with its former leader Ahmed Abdi Godane The state of foreign fighters in Somalia The status of The Islamic State’s efforts in Somalia



Jihadology Podcast: Jihadi Governance 101

Will McCants comes on the show to talk about jihadi governance. The conversation is based on a chapter in his new book The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State. Aaron and Will discussed numerous cases of jihadi groups attempts to govern, including the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Shabab, AQAP, AQIM, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the Islamic State.


Jihadology Podcast: The Khurasan Group: Myth and Reality

Thomas Joscelyn comes on the show to talk about the so-called "Khurasan group." Some of the topics covered include:

Why the group came into being and when its members arrived in Syria Who are the key players and what are their backgrounds What they’ve been up to in Syria and how they relate to Jabhat al-Nusra What this group of individuals can tell us about al-Qaeda’s strategy



Jihadology Podcast: Don't Call It a Comeback, AQAP's Been Here for Years

Katherine Zimmerman comes on the show to talk AQAP. Some of the topics covered include:

AQAP since the death of Awlaqi and their withdrawal from territory in southern Yemen in 2012 The effect of the rise of the Huthis and how the Saudi/Emirati war in Yemen has affected AQAP AQAP’s local outreach and how it compares to what it tried from 2011-2012 How drone attacks on AQAP leadership have affected the group The Islamic State’s activities in Yemen and what they mean for AQAP



Jihadology Podcast: Saddam's Regime: From Ba'athism to Salafism

Kyle Orton comes on the show to discuss Islam in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Some of the topics covered include:

Saddam’s Islamist foreign policy reorientation in the 1980’s The Faith Campaign after the Gulf War Salafism in Iraq in the 1990’s and its impact on security The rise of sectarianism in Iraq

This episode also features a #SocialMedia segment covering jihadi social media postings from September 1st-16th. Recent articles by Kyle that are relevant to the discussion:


Jihadology Podcast: Turkish Jihadism at Home and in Syria with North Caucasus Caucus

North Caucasus Caucus comes on the show to talk about his recent research trip to Turkey. He and Aaron discussed the evolution of Turkish governmental policy towards jihadis, Turks’ role in jihadi groups and IS in Syria and Turkey, Turkey’s arrest campaign against Jabhat al-Nusra and IS, and more.

This episode also features a #SocialMedia segment covering jihadi social media posts from August 17th to August 31st.

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Jihadology Podcast: IS and Attacks in the West with Thomas Hegghammer

Thomas Hegghammer talks to Aaron about his new paper, “Assessing the Islamic State’s Commitment to Attacking the West,” in Perspectives on Terrorism, co-authored with Petter Nesser. This episode also features our #SocialMedia segment, covering posts from August 3rd to August 9th. Links:

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