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Senator Feinstein to Speak on the Senate Floor Regarding the SSCI Report and Torture

We expect the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman to address the chamber, and to discuss her Committee's long-anticipated study, sometime between 11 and 11:15.

A link to C-SPAN's coverage is here;  the Washington Post's live feed is below.  We will publish Senator Feinstein's remarks, if and when we see them in print.

Update: we have removed the live feed of Senator Feinstein's speech, which concluded this morning.

Interrogation: Interrogation Abuses: Civil Liability

Senator Feinstein: Redactions Obscure Facts, Must Be Addressed Before SSCI Report Can Be Released

That's the gist of this statement, made today by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.), Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Washington—Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the committee study of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program:

After further review of the redacted version of the executive summary, I have concluded the redactions eliminate or obscure key facts that support the report’s findings and conclusions.

Interrogation: Abuses

In Trouble With the Law

If press accounts are correct, we will soon have the long-awaited Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the CIA detention program.  The report itself, which has not been submitted for declassification, is massive, running some 6,000 pages and including about 37,000 footnotes.  In preparing the report, the Committee and its staff apparently reviewed millions of pages of material, much of it classified.  It is by far the most comprehensive study of the “enhanced interrogation program” ever undertaken.  All indications are that the report and summary are exceedingly cri

Interrogation: Abuses

The SSCI Fracas and the CIA’s Duty to Make Criminal Referrals to DOJ

Ken Dilanian has a story on Acting CIA General Counsel Robert Eatinger (whom Caroline Krass, just confirmed, will succeed.)  Eatinger is at the center of the fracas between CIA and SCCI because he sent a criminal referral to DOJ related to the SSCI’s staff’s acquisition of the so-called “Panetta Review,” and because Senator Feinstein essentially accused him of having a c

Interrogation: Abuses

Senator Feinstein's Remarks on the CIA-SSCI Document Controversy

Right now, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee's Chairman, is speaking out, on the Senate floor, about a well-publicized dispute between the CIA and the SSCI---regarding the latter's review of documents pertaining to the CIA's interrogation practices in the years following 9/11, and the CIA's auditing of Committee staffers' computer use during the review.

Both matters---the Committee's retrieval of certain documents from an offsite location, and the CIA's actions during the Commi

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