International Criminal Court (ICC)

Latest in International Criminal Court (ICC)


The U.S. Names the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Organization and Sanctions the International Criminal Court

These measures reflect broader trends of growing U.S. reliance on targeted sanctions—including going after named individuals—as means for addressing broader foreign and security challenges.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Sovereignty on Steroids: International Institutions and the Trump Administration’s “Ideology of Patriotism”

The president’s speech, along with that of National Security Advisor John Bolton, propagates misconceptions about the ICC, and about international institutions in general.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

National Security Adviser John Bolton Remarks to Federalist Society

National Security Adviser John Bolton delivered the following remarks to the Federalist Society on Monday. The remarks below are as prepared for delivery.

“Protecting American Constitutionalism and Sovereignty from International Threats”

Thank you, Gene [Eugene Meyer], for your kind introduction. I want to thank Gene, as well as Dean Reuter, for the invitation to be here today. It is a true honor to address all of you this afternoon.

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