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Introducing ‘The Report, Season 2: The Impeachment’

The proceedings of the impeachment trial should be heard by each and every American, but the reality is that most do not have the luxury of sitting through the daily grind of lengthy testimony. Which is why Lawfare and Goat Rodeo are releasing a daily cut of the impeachment distilled to a manageable and accessible podcast.


House Managers Reply to Trump Brief

The impeachment managers of the House of Representatives released a reply brief on Tuesday to President Trump’s brief, filed on Monday, which defended his own actions in the impeachment trial. The House managers claim that the brief “lacks a legitimate defense of his misconduct” and calls on the Senate to convict and remove President Trump from office during its impeachment trial beginning today.

The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast Special Edition: Senate Trial Preview

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump starts Tuesday. The President now has a legal team. And over the weekend, both the House impeachment managers and the President's lawyers filed initial briefs. In this special edition of the podcast, Benjamin Wittes, Margaret Taylor, Susan Hennessey, David Priess, Scott Anderson, and Paul Rosenzweig talk it all through. What should we make of the president's legal team? What do the briefs say? And what should we expect from the trial to come?


The Trump Impeachment and the Question of Precedent, Part II: The Trouble With Alan Dershowitz’s ‘Constitutional Argument’

 Alan Dershowitz and Sen. Mitch McConnell are helping each other set an impeachment precedent in which there would be no room for removing a president for serious abuse of power.

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