Latest in Homeland Security: State and Local Role

Homeland Security: State and Local Role

Our Counterterrorist Federalism

Based on a longer article I’d written on this topic, the Hoover Institution published today my essay “Policing Terrorism”, in its institutional journal, Defining Ideas. Here’s how it begins:

In recent months, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has come under attack for its counterterrorism intelligence activities, including its alleged efforts to “map” ethnic communities and its surveillance of religious groups.

Homeland Security

Cybersecurity Legislation in the House of Representatives

In two earlier posts I’ve focused on some of the particular issues that may arise during the Senate’s consideration of a comprehensive cybersecurity bill.  The focus on the Senate is apt, inasmuch as Senator Reid has promised to bring a bill to the floor for consideration in the coming weeks.

But, as we wait for the debate on the Senate floor to begin in earnest, we should not disregard the action in the House of Representativ


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