Homeland Security: State and Local Role

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Homeland Security

Data Analytics and Policing

This interesting article on the NYPD's use of data analytics came across my desk the other day.  Here is the abstract:

The New York City Police Department’s Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center integrates data from a variety of sources, including sensors (cameras, license plate readers, and environmental detectors) and records (arrests, complaints, summonses, 911 calls, etc.).

Domestic Terrorism

Brennan Center Report Slams Current State & Local CT Programs

The Brennan Center for Justice released today a new report titled “National Security and Local Police.”  They conducted surveys of more than a dozen major police departments and their affiliated state or city intelligence “fusion centers” (funded heavily by federal grants) and Joint Terrorism Task Forces (FBI-led interagency and intergovernmental coordination groups for terrorism investigations).  The Brennan Center report d

Domestic Terrorism

Boston & Local Police Intelligence: an FBI Statement and a Response from Faiza Patel

Earlier today I posted a commentary on "Boston Bombings: Local Police and Counterterrorism Intelligence," based on reported claims that the FBI failed to pass on important threat information to the Boston Police Department, and further reported claims that -- if true -- this points to a need for greater information sharing.  My main point was that in thinking about the lessons of the Boston Bombings for domestic counterterrorism intelligence, we should be focused less reflexively on the usual issue of info-sharing an

Homeland Security: State and Local Role

Boston Bombings: Local Police and Counterterrorism Intelligence

The New York Times had a story yesterday headlined “F.B.I. Didn’t Tell Boston Police of Warning on Brother”:

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said that though some of his officers worked with the F.B.I. on a joint terrorism task force, they did not know about the Russian tip or the bureau’s subsequent inquiry, which involved an interview with Mr.

Targeted Killing

Government Uses Lethal Force Against U.S. Citizen on U.S. Soil...

I'm not at all happy that today's news out of upstate New York proves the point that Jack and I (and a cast of dozens) have tried to make about domestic use of lethal force, but it's worth pointing out the following facts:

The target of the government's use of force, Kurt Myers, is a U.S. citizen. He was killed on U.S.
Privacy: Technology

Carrie Cordero on Fusion Centers

Carrie Cordero, Georgetown’s Director of National Security Studies and a former Justice Department official, writes in with the following thoughts on fusion centers:

As Matt Waxman noted last month, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations recently published a report entitled, "Federal Support for and Involvement in State and Local Fusion Centers." Having been previously involved in the development of various guidelin
Homeland Security: State and Local Role

Devastating Senate Committee Report on Fusion Centers

A few weeks ago I posed the following questions in relation to the Constitution Project's report on state and major urban area intelligence Fusion Centers, which DHS set up and funded after 9/11:

One reason why I’m interested in this issue is because so much public debate about terrorism and domestic intelligence to date has focused on information collection — like NSA wiretapping, FBI requests for personal info or transactional data, police sno

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