Latest in Guantanamo: Legislation

Guantanamo: Legislation

So What Does the New Republican Majority Mean for National Security Issues In Congress?

The result is no surprise: Republicans now control both houses of Congress---or, at least, they will come January. I'll leave it to others to dissect how we should understand last night's electoral results in political terms, what it means for President Obama, the 2016 election, or the future of American politics. Here I want to focus on a narrower question: What does it mean for the set of issues Lawfare covers? A few years ago, the answer to this question would not have been murky.

Transfers, Releases & Resettlements

Signing Statements, the Commander in Chief Power, and Guantanamo Closure

According to the Wall Street Journal,  the President's people are "drafting options" to bring about Guantanamo's closure, an objective that would require the White House to get around a statutory restriction on transferring GTMO detainees to the United States.
Guantanamo: Prosecutions

Josh Gerstein on Piracy and Terrorism Trials

Over at Politico, Josh Gerstein has an interesting piece on the Ali piracy case, and its potential implications for terrorism cases.  The article---which quotes Jen Daskal and Cully Stimson, among others---opens:

The failed prosecution of an alleged Somali pirate — and the fact that that failure could leave him living freely, and permanently, inside U.S.

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