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Aegis Paper Series

Beyond Privacy & Security: The Role of the Telecommunications Industry in Electronic Surveillance

This paper examines this gatekeeper function US industry plays in surveillance and recommends surveillance reforms that will reinforce that function without denying necessary government access to information.


Why Is the Lone Wolf FISA Provision Never Used? And Just How Broad is the FISC Understanding of Group Agency?

Enactment of the USA Freedom Act means, among other things, that the government will continue to have the option of seeking a FISA order for electronic surveillance in the “lone wolf” scenario–i.e., the situation in which the government has probable cause to believe that a non-U.S.


Legislative Staff Memo on USA Freedom Act Amendments

There may still be a few Lawfare readers who are not so disgusted with their legislature—and their legislators—that they are still following the Senate’s ongoing machinations over the USA Freedom Act. For those who can still contemplate the subject without nausea, here’s the state of play in a nutshell. The sunsetting provisions of the Patriot Act lapsed last night. But the Senate apparently is moving forward after-the-fact on a bill that is substantially similar—with a few differences—from the bill it could not move either six months ago or a week ago.

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