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On the Effects of the Shutdown

A veteran administration official emailed me just now in response to my piece last night on congressional Republicans and the shutdown: "Nice Piece (on the shutdown)," the official writes. "You are right about the impact it is having.  Our sanctions efforts are crippled:  Nobody home to detect violations or go after violators." Great.

Keep it up, guys.

If others in the trenches have thoughts about the effect of the shutdown on our national security efforts, shoot me an email.


Speaking of OFAC, the 9th Circuit Just Ruled Against Its Designation Process...But Also Found It Didn't Matter as to al-Haramain

Speaking of OFAC's process for sanctions designations, the 9th Circuit has just ruled against it in a case involving the constitutionality of its designation process, though it also held that the designation of the plaintiff (al-Haramain) was appropriate.  The opinion concludes:

In summary, we hold as follows:

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