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Sexuality- and Gender-Based Crackdowns Under Egyptian Law

Homosexuality is not technically illegal in Egypt. But Egyptian authorities are cracking down on the LGBT community, its supporters, and advocates for social liberalization more broadly. In September, the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila played a concert to an audience of 30,000 in Cairo, led by openly-gay singer Hamed Sinno.


Egypt Is Cracking Down on NGOs When It Needs Them Most

Egypt has never been a welcoming place for civil society groups, but the past several years have seen an unrelenting crackdown on non-governmental organizations. It began with the infamous December 2011 raids on foreign democracy-building organizations and has endured through successive regimes. And yesterday, Egypt once again upped the ante.


Today’s Crackdown on Egyptian Civil Society: An Eerie Reminder of 2012

Despite continued reports of torture, harrowing tales of abuse in detention, and haunting anecdotes of forced disappearances, Egyptian authorities seem wholly unwilling to contend with the human rights violations that have long plagued the country’s security sector. Rather, authorities seem insistent to instead embark upon yet another wave of crackdown against civil society, taking measures to constrain the activities of the players who document, report, advocate, and litigate within the country’s anti-torture scene and even more broadly, the entire human rights movement.

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