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Domestic Terrorism

Document: Charlottesville Vehicle Attacker Charged for Federal Hate Crimes

A federal grand jury returned James Alex Fields Jr. a 30-count indictment after he drove his car into a group of protestors at the August 2017 “Unite the Right Rally” in Charlottesville, Va., killing Heather Heyer. The charges include 29 counts of hate crimes and one count of racially motivated violent interference. The Justice Department released a press release on Wednesday.


What’s the Matter with Visiting Kansas? Part II

Several weeks ago, we suggested President Obama take a trip to Kansas to visit a small town reeling from an attempted violent attack on a Muslim immigrant community there. At that time, three men had recently been arrested after compiling explosive to incite a “bloodbath” in the small Midwestern city. We’d like to amend our suggestion: President Obama should still visit Garden City, Kansas, but even more important, President-elect Trump should go with him.

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