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Donald Trump

Justice Department Asks Eleventh Circuit to Partially Stay Cannon's Order

On Sept. 16, the Justice Department filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit a Motion for a Partial Stay Pending Appeal. The government noted that although it "believes the district court fundamentally erred" in its Sept. 5 Order appointing a Special Master and imposing an injunction, it was asking to stay only those portions of the order relating to approximately 100 documents marked as classified.

Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS)

Biden Administration Executive Order Outlines National Security Priorities For Committee on Foreign Investment

The Executive Order highlights five areas of attention the Biden administration identified as being risks for national security that the Committee on Foreign Investment should consider.

Donald Trump

Justice Department Files Response to Trump’s Opposition to Government’s Motion for Partial Stay of Cannon Ruling

The Justice Department argued that Trump has neither categorized the records found at Mar-a-Lago as personal records, nor has he officially claimed or provided evidence that the documents were declassified.

Donald Trump

Cannon Orders Appointment of Special Master for Seized Mar-a-Lago Materials

Former president Donald Trump mostly prevailed in his Aug. 22 request that a special master be appointed "to protect the integrity of privileged documents" pursuant to Rule 53(b)(1) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, in spite of the Justice Department's argument that such a master is not warranted in this case.

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